Welcome to Linhs

A hidden gem in the River Valley
We are Phở-nomenal

Our Authentic Cuisine

At Linh Vietnamese Cuisine, we serve an authentic family recipe passed down from generation to generation. Creating the broth is a time-intensive process that requires simmering for an entire day with fresh produce and a variety of exotic spices. Each bowl of phở guides your taste buds through a flavorful journey full of exotic spices, bringing you to a warm place in sunny Vietnam where it all began.


Nowadays, veganism and vegetarian is rising our country. Our menu offers a variety of tofu and vegetable dishes so everyone is content.

We also harvest fresh homegrown herbs to your dish to elevate your dining experience. 
Fried eggrolls with sweet chili sauce


From eggrolls to a variety of fresh spring rolls and banh mi sandwhiches, these tiny bites surely packs a punch of flavor. 
Bun Bo Hue Noodle Soup

Pho Noodle Soup 

We invite you to come and share some of our strong family ties and enjoy a nice hot bowl of Pho and other noodle dishes. Not only do we offer many noddle bowls, we also offer an extensive menu of traditional Vietnamese cuisines, vegetarian, and gluten free dishes from our kitchen.
Boba tea Bubble Milk tea with Tapioca balls

Specialty Drinks

We offer an assortment of iced Boba Teas and slow drip traditional Vietnamese coffee to refresh your palate.


Not only do we offer authentic food, we also provide a mini Asian Market to the River Valley. 
Is your stomach grumbling? Mine is.

Come Dine in

As a Vietnamese diner, every dish at Linhs Vietnamese Cuisine has a distinctive flavor reflecting one or more of the many fundamental taste elements. Their common ingredients include fish sauce, soy sauce, fruits, vegetables, and fresh herbs. Linhs will definitely enlighten your taste buds so come by and see us soon!
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